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25+ Most Popular Unisex Names With Their Meanings

unisex names

Unisex names or gender-neutral names are the names that we can be used for both genders boys and girls. Choosing gender-neutral names for babies have become a popular trend in the US nowadays. And not only in the USA but now this trend is popular all over the world especially in Spain, France, Japan and Italy, and South-Asia, etc.

unisex names

After getting married, becoming a mom and dad is a great blessing of God. You can’t deny what a great and lovely happiness this is for the mom, dad, grandparents, and almost all of your family members when a new guest becomes a part of your family. And definitely this guest should have his/her own unique identity. The first and most important thing which you have to do is give a beautiful and unique name to your baby and it is not an easy task. When you know that you are going to become a mom or dad after 9 months then the first thing which keeps in your mind, this would be a boy or a girl. So what name should be given to your newborn baby?

popular unisex names

To make things more beautiful and unique you have the best choice to give your baby unisex names. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of popular unisex names that will help you to choose the best name for your newborn baby.

Popular Unisex Names with Their Meanings



Alexis A Greek name meaning “defender” a unisex name which now mostly used for girls.
Angel A religious name meaning “messenger”. In 2018 it was in the top 100 names for boys but now its move forward to the girl’s names.
Ariel The name had been taken from an animated character a movie name “Disney the Little Mermaid” which become very famous and people adopted it as a unisex name having means “Lion of God”.
Avery One of the most popular unisex name meaning “ruler of the elves”. Although it’s a unisex name according to the survey of 2016, 80% of girls adopted this name.
Blake A pretty nickname used for both sexes meaning “fair-haired dark”.
Charlie Also pronounced as Charley a German word meaning “free man”. A great and classic name.
Dakota A famous place name comes from Native America meaning “friendly one”.
Eden A beautiful name with the beautiful meaning “place of pleasure, delight”. It is also a place name that has a biblical background.
Elliott A popular unisex name meaning “Jehovah is God”. A unisex name but often used for baby girl.
Emmerson A German name meaning “Son of Emercy”.
Emery Also, a German name meaning “industrious”. It is the highest-ranking name originated from Emma, Em.
Finley A Scottish Irish name means “” fair-haired hero. It’s considered a royal name because it belonged to Macbeth’s father.
Hayden An English name meaning “heather grown hill”
Jordan A more common unisex name often used for boys meaning “flowing down”.
Karter Also spelled “Carter” used as a unisex name meaning “transport of goods by cart”.
London An English and a place name which is uncommon in the UK.
Morgan Often used as a surname meaning “sea-born” “sea song” or ‘sea circle”.
Parker Another English popular unisex name meaning “park keeper”.
Peyton Also, an English unisex name meaning “fighting-mans”. It was a masculine name but now becoming popular in boys too.
Quinn A beautiful Irish name meaning “descendant of Conn” “chief leader” and intelligence.
Riley Also, an Irish name meaning “Courageous”.
River An English origin name having the natural meaning “flow if water”.
Rowan A Scottish unisex name meaning “Redheaded”.
Sawyer A strong friendly name meaning “woodcutter”.
Taylor A beautiful unisex name also called occupational name due to meaning “tailer”.

unique unisex baby names

Popular Unisex Names for Girls

Although unisex names are those names that are used for both sexes some of the names are often used for girls so we called them unisex names for girls. Here we have some girls unsex names listed below.

  •         Ainsley
  •         Alexis
  •         Angle
  •         Arden
  •         Ariel
  •         Ashley
  •         Brett
  •         Cary
  •         Casy
  •         Cheyenne
  •         Courtney
  •         Dakota
  •         Evelyn
  •         Finley
  •         Gael

Here was the list of popular unisex names which we collected through different sources. I hope you can easily find your desired baby name. If you know some other names then let us know through feedback. We will definitely add them here.


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