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What things to consider when building a Gaming PC


It’s no secret that the right choice of components ensures maximum performance and extends the life of the assembly in the event of a further upgrade.
We will advise you on what to look out for when building an assembly so that you do not make a mistake.
This article aims to help with Best pc for Heavy games selection of suitable components. In case you are still unsure and would instead like to consult someone.
You can turn to experienced consultants from the professional team in the discussions on our forum, which will help you ensure sufficient compatibility of the selected components.

PC Processors

The processor is one of the most important components of an assembly. Its selection should reflect your requirements for using the kit. Another option may be in the case of demanding work or, conversely, game use. The processor should have enough power in the gaming PC not to slow down the selected graphics card.

Furthermore, it is good to think more in the future, as a suitable choice of a processor can extend the life of the assembly when you only need to upgrade the graphics card to a more powerful one. The work deployment depends on the software used. Some programs can spread performance across multiple processor cores/threads, while others can make the highest possible performance per core.

For less demanding activities, you can use a processor with an integrated graphics core.

PC Colours

Each processor must sufficiently cool for business stability. It is because high temperatures can cause performance drops. For some processor models, decent heatsinks are included directly from the manufacturer. Buying a better quality cooler will never go wrong. It dimensioned according to the specified TDP processor.
Best pc for Heavy games also depends on whether it is a clock-capable processor that can increase performance but also increases the cooling requirements. In this case, water cooling can also come in handy.
When choosing a Heatsink and paying attention to its height, it may not fit in every cabinet. For most offices, the maximum supported Heatsink height list.
Some more massive Heatsink can also encroach on RAM space, so beware of higher passive RAM Heatsink that could collide with the Heatsink.


When choosing a board, you must be especially careful to select the right chipset for the given processor model. Motherboards also differ in equipment and quality of gaming PC. If you buy a processor that allows clocking and you want to deal with it, then the demands on the quality of the board increase, as the load on the power cascade and thus cooling increases.

Depending on the type of cabinet, you can select different board formats, such as ATX, Micro-ATX, etc. You will always find the maximum board sizes that support in the description of the computer cabinet.


The selection of operating memories links to the selected motherboard and processor. If the board can run faster memories, then the entire computer’s resulting performance can be increased. Dual connection helps mainly when using integrated graphics; there, this is a great benefit.

If we install a more massive processor, Heatsink, it can interfere with the RAM area, so care must be taken, especially with memories with a higher passive Heatsink to avoid collisions.


An SSD is not always a necessary part of a built PC, but thanks to favorable prices, it becomes a clear choice for agile PCs. Everyone must appreciate the fast loading of the operating system itself and individual applications and lightning responses. For common use, classic SATA drives, which offer more capacity at a reasonable price, will suffice. If you require a specific workload, then a much faster solution, such as NVMe SSD, can be used.
How to use SSD in practice?

It is important to install the operating system and programs used on the SSD. If there is enough space, we also install games that can speed uploading. An SSD is good not to overcharge for durability. It is ideal to leave at least 10% of the capacity free.


Classic drives are an integral part of the PC built. Because they now offer more capacity at a more affordable price than SSDs, they are still the most sought-after component when data storage capacity needs to increases.
As a result of Best pc for Heavy game, higher speed is not important for the HDD, and the main goal is sufficient capacity.
It is especially true if you have a fast SSD in your set and use a classic hard drive to archive your data.


An essential component for players, the selection of which is not natural. The graphics must be handled by the selected processor to use its maximum performance. Furthermore, it is necessary to take into account consumption and dimension a sufficiently high-quality and efficient source.

The consumption of graphics can vary greatly from model to model. It’s also a good idea to consider how powerful a card we need to play our favorite titles, and the monitor used, and its resolution also affects. It’s a good idea to make sure that the card fits in the intended case. Most enclosure manufacturers already state the maximum supported graphics card length. If you have an older monitor with only a VGA input, you will need to purchase a so-called active converter, as the new cards no longer carry the analog part of the signal. The classic reduction is no longer enough here. However, dedicated graphics cards are not just for gamers. It is also useful if you want to use multiple monitors at once. Or if you’re working with demanding applications that support graphics acceleration – these are typically video editing and photo editing programs.

Sound card

There is no need to select an external sound card, as each motherboard already has a certain integrated audio codec.
Of course, the quality differs, but the integrated models have already reached a solid level. If you want higher sound quality and plan to use quality headphones or speakers, then a dedicated sound card should be considered.
Sound cards vary in quality and design. Best pc for Heavy games can choose an external card that plugs into USB and offers inputs and outputs within a better range, or an internal one that plugs directly into a gaming PC.
We can then purchase a high-quality portable USB DAC converter for the headphones, which can be easily used with multiple devices, thanks to its compactness.
Here the choice is already quite individual, so it is more appropriate to consult the purchase.

Power Supply

As with a graphics card, it doesn’t pay to underestimate the choice of power supply.
It is a very important component, which ultimately determines the stability of the entire PC.
The differences in the quality of individual models can be really big. It is not enough to look only at the stated performance, but also at the quality of excellence and components.
Power supplies have different efficiencies, and quality power supplies then have various protections that serve to prevent damage to other components in the event of a power failure in the PC.
Higher quality sources often provide a 10-year warranty (mostly after registration on the manufacturer’s website).
It’s a good idea to choose a certain reserve in performance because the source will usually last you for more variations of the set, or you can use older ones in a new set.
Some sources can also run semi-passively, where the fan does not rotate to a specified load all. It is also an ideal choice if you prefer a quiet set.

Gaming PC Designs

A good cabinet can last you a long time, so it’s good to proceed judiciously when choosing.
Quality ensures efficient waste heat dissipation and takes care of cooling components thanks to the space inside the cabinet or, for example, built-in fans.

We can choose different sizes, popular now are cabinets with a glass side, where the backlighting of components or the cabinet itself can stand out. It is not good to choose a cabinet only by appearance.
The differences in quality are large; it is necessary to focus on the quality of processing, sheet metal strength, and ease of installation of components.

You can also choose according to the possibility of regulating the speed of fans, outlets in the front, dust filters, soundproofing. According to how the cabinet adapts to route cabling most aesthetically – today’s cabinet offers an inexhaustible amount. If it is not a pure office set, it is ideal to choose a cabinet with at least two fitted fans from the factory.

RGB backlight

The backlighting of components is very popular nowadays, but it is necessary to realize one fundamental drawback – if you want to assemble an interesting computer. You will narrow the possibilities of choosing components only to products that fit you in its design, and the price of the set will so it can climb significantly higher.

It is good to consider whether performance and quality are important to you, or you want to invest more money in the aesthetics of the set.

When choosing components, the rule should always be that quality, ideal compatibility and performance take precedence over appearance.


You usually choose the monitor for a more extended period, so it is good to think more about the future before buying. What you don’t have to use today, you will use in the future with another upgrade to more powerful graphics. Monitors with a higher refresh rate are now popular, which ensures better smoothness in games.
To make sufficient use of the parameters of the selected monitor, however, adequately powerful graphics are required. When it comes to displaying panels, there are different technologies on the market, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, you should clarify what the monitor will use for the most. Whether to play, work with graphics or photos, watch movies, etc.
Size, or diagonal, goes hand in hand with a resolution to maintain sufficient image fineness.

The chosen resolution of Best pc for Heavy games will take you back to choosing a suitable graphics card because the higher the resolution, the higher the graphics load.

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